For the Love of God: Falling For Balance | Pay What You Want

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“The harder I try, the harder I fall.” I was telling a friend that sums up my relationship with God. She said “Yeah, me too.”

That’s all of our story.

This book of poetry reflects the roller coaster of relationship with God. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

* hear 55 poems across 7 stages of relationship with God
* see the lows & highs, the trials & triumphs, and rising above after the inevitable falling below
* experience the roller coaster ride and hold on tight
* feel how these poems may reflect your ride with God

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2 eBook versions: 

PDF (any device) and EPUB (most e-readers)
Retail: $7.86

MP3 - AudioBook (any device)
Retail: $9.87

Print Book Retail: $13.99

BONUS: Receive a sneak peek video performance of the poem, "Wildfire."

Beyond price, enjoy these words with whatever you want to pay. God is Good, God is Great, and God is Grand Enough For Us All. I hope you find overwhelming value in this book. Here is a gift; I hope you receive and reciprocate to another on their path.

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For the Love of God: Falling For Balance | Pay What You Want

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